Some Telecommuters Are Lazy Bums That Stay In Their PJs

A recent Careerbuilder survey paints a bleak picture of your typical telecommuter. The survey reveals that 30 per cent of home-based employees said they found it too difficult to get dressed, so they stayed in their PJS all day.

Besides their penchant to stay sloppily dressed, the survey also suggests:

  • One in five telecommuters cheat their employers by working an hour each day; 17 per cent only work the bare minimum
  • 40 per cent work between four to seven hours a day and only a mere 35 per cent give their employers an honest days work of eight hours or more.
  • 42 per cent of women and 22 per cent of men work in their PJs (there's no mention of sitting on the couch and eating bon bons)
  • 31 per cent get distracted by household chores, while only 15 per cent say their kids interfere with work
  • 26 per cent like to watch TV and another 23 per cent play with their pets instead of doing their work

So what do you think? Is this survey misguided or are work from home employees really this slovenly? [The Register]

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