Solar Powered Light Bulb Could Save Power And Lives

This is a solar powered light bulb. Sure, it sounds like it's the punchline for a particularly corny joke. It's a solar powered lightbulb, after all. But its intent isn't humorous; instead it's quite serious.

The Nokero (it's short for "No Kerosene", which is quite apt) bulb is intended to be used in a lamp style arrangement, so no, you wouldn't really be using it indoors where it wouldn't work at all. The Nokero arrangement has a solar panel at the top and LED lighting below with an estimated two year lifespan for the panels. The idea is to reduce both the cost of lighting (suggested to be around 20% of the income of many households in many developing countries) and the harmful effects of burning particular fuels, most notably kerosene. [Nokero via TechCrunch]

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