Shooting Challenge: 8 Shadowy Shots

Shooting Challenge: 8 Shadowy Shots

For this week’s shooting challenge, we asked you to send in your best photos of shadows. Here are eight awesome entries along with the stories and camera equipment that made them possible.


David Gatt

P & O Cruise ship leaving Sydney taken with my Galaxy S2 last week.

That lady climbs to the top of that tower and waves the Australian flag as we sail under the bridge.
After wiping my tears of absolute awe and pride for my city and the flag, I quickly snapped this picture with the only camera I had available at the time.

I noticed later the Opera House on the screen which makes this picture one of my favourites.


Craig Harnath

Nikon D80
Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G lens
ISO 100
0 EV

Photo taken on the deck at the back of my house. Was just a lucky time of day so the shadow became part of the shot.

I made Mr Valve for my 10-year-old daughter Pearl. We have a box next to our front door that I used to use for clients to pick up CDs before the cloud existed. Since she was four years old, she has always checked this box everyday when she comes home from kindergarten/school to no net result. I wanted to surprise her with something in there and came up with the copper wire and junk from the shed idea. She was so happy when she found this guy and I’m happy to share him with you.


Jorge Archila

So here’s my entry for this week’s shooting challenge. Basically I was sitting at our dining table and was browsing the interwebs when I looked over at my water bottle, which was being blasted by sunlight. The shadows from the adjacent chairs sort of made it look quite cool with the glow of the water inside the bottle. So yeah.
It was shot with my Canon 500D, standard 18-55mm lens, 100iso, f/5.0, 1/25.


Simon Brown

Equipment: Canon 7D, 50mm F1.8 prime lens and outdoor table.
Settings: ISO100, F6.3 at 1/100th of a second.

I needed a shadows shot for another purpose, so created the figure on cardboard and coloured it in, taped on a bent zip tie to keep the alien upright and hit the backyard to catch the afternoon light and the long shadows that come with it. This is the glass of our backyard table giving it a bit of an ice-like appearance.


Pete Ottery

iPhone 4 – at f2.8. shutter unknown – but I’d guess 1/125th

1x1Camera to simply take a square shot.
TiltShiftGen to make it black and white (no blurring or other trendy overdone effects used).

Taken at the kids pool at the northern end of Bondi Beach, this was a shot of my son Zac getting acquainted with the sand.
He spotted his own shadow and froze for a few seconds, giving me time to get this snap.
I love taking photos with the iPhone 4. I have a Nikon d90 – but in situations like this (where you have your hands full and lots of kid
gear) this shot wouldn’t have been taken otherwise. Having the iPhone in the pocket means these moments don’t go uncaptured.


Prashant Waitha

My girlfriend and I were in Paris for four days, this picture was taken on the first floor of Eiffel Tower. We walked up to level two and had to take a lift to the top. The sun was starting to set as we began our ascent and was down by the time we got back to ground level. I took this photo because I saw the shadow of the tower on our left and the Champ de Mars in front of us. The Eiffel Tower was only a half an hour walk from our hotel but it took us over four hours to get there as it rained heavily three times, which forced us to seek cover, and many sites along the way ‘distracted’ us.
This picture was taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5 point and shoot camera, ISO125 and the setting was ‘intelligent auto’.


Matthew Parkes

A cool car park. I was waiting for an appointment and saw the shot right there, and had to snap it up. Light was clear and perfect, i got several five-star shots on that one day. Not too complicated, just an opportunistic photo from being at the right time and place.


Julian Ryan

Sunday morning saw this. Can’t fit anymore shadows in. Now I have to clean the house. Thanks Gizmodo.

Nikon D 300 17-55 @ 55 f2.8 Iso200 1/250

A fez in the cupboard.