Shooting Challenge: 18 Retrotastic Shots

Shooting Challenge: 18 Retrotastic Shots

Retro filters are all the rage these days, and you guys are clearly loving that trend judging by these 19 retro-looking photos. Check out the full list of submissions for this week’s shooting challenge after the jump, and be sure to read the accompanying stories behind each photo.

Jonathan Barge

I just received my new toy, a SLR Magic 11mm f1.4 Toy Lens, and was just taking some photos around the house and found the tub of Vaseline sitting on the front room coffee table. What my housemate had it out for I have no idea, however he did run in a charity run over the weekend, so I suspect it was to prevent some nipple chafe (or at least I’m hoping it was something that innocent else I may be too scared to sit on the couch again). This seems to work for the retro challenge with the timeless retro label on the Vaseline and the look, saturation and lo-fi feel the toy lens gives. These are amazing little lenses and so much fun for the relatively low cost!

Olympus ePL2
SLR Magic 11mm F1.4 lens at f1.4
1/3 sec
ISO 200

Alex Burton

Photo taken at my local cafe, The Fire Station Cafe in Sydney.
• Nikon D3s
• Post processed in Lightroom (played with colour, grain and vignette)
• ISO 1000
• 185mm
• f2.8
• 1/100 sec

Prashant Waitha

I went to Krakow for the day with my girlfriend to see some sights. Although I’ve been here many times before, I always like returning because the Old Town in Krakow is so beautiful and it brings back memories as it was the first ‘touristy’ place I visited on my first overseas trip. There were many pictures of buildings I could’ve added retro effects to but I decided the picture of the Sukiennice (Draper’s hall) was the best option. The hall inside this building is also the place where you can buy many souvenirs, such as an “I love Krakow” t-shirt. This building is part of the Main Market Square, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This picture was taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX5, ISO125, and I used Photoshop to add the effects.

Lukas Cervenan

My pic has been taken in an old tram shed in Sydney. In the pic is me and my sis. The photo was taken by me, with remote control so I had a time to sit down 😉

The pic is actually HDR so I’ve taken three images then joined them in Photomatix and post-processed a little bit in photoshop 😉

I used a Canon 450D, 17-40 L f/4, shutter speed 3.2 sec, aperture f/6.4, ISO 100.

Sam Regan

Date Taken: September 10, 2011 – 9am
Location: Sheldon College Arts Academies

Taken with iPhone 3G

Took this photo while managing the backstage sound component of Sheldon College’s biggest event of the year, Art’s Academies. This shot was taken from backstage right in the stadium it was held in. We had to bump in at least four tonnes of equipment in the four days beforehand for the lighting, media and sound.

Jaz Haynes

Camera : iPhone 4
Program : Hipstamatic
Lens : Lucifer VI
Film : Blanko
Flash : Non

On a trip to Tasmania, Australia, in the Gorge Launceston, there is a small park and here is a shot of one of the old-school rocking horses in that park, thought this shot was as retro as they come. 🙂

Ke Wu

Equipped with only an iPhone (3G & 3GS) over the period of 100+ days back in 2009 before all the Instagram craze, a photo was chosen and uploaded from my daily routine, special effects were all done with apps from the app store (CameraBag, Darkroom, Photogene, Photo FX, Cool FX, Tiltshift) uploaded directly to my MobileMe account — later transferred to Facebook.

This particular image was chosen because it demonstrated capturing motion with archaic technology (by today’s standard — especially the hardware) can still produce interesting images — as the old cliché would say: “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” and a testimony of what a smartphone can do and a reminder of how it has changed the photographic landscape forever — especially the P&S segment.

Camera/lens spec: Apple iPhone 3GS / 3MP
Resolution: 2048×1536 pixels
Aperture: f2.8
Focal length: 3.85mm (37mm equivalent)
Apps used: Photogene, Camera Bag

Liam Hanigan

This is an 1938 Welta Weltini 35mm rangefinder, which was owned by my Grandpa. I wanted to shoot with a vintage camera, but the film would have taken too long to develop, and I’d miss the deadline. Determined to submit something as genuinely retro as possible, I ended up strapping my Canon 60D, sans lens, to the open back of a 1933 Agfa Record. This was an ungodly setup involving rubber bands and a black pillow case, but I think the results were worth it! Our kitchen lights even gave it a nice sepia effect, thanks to their having yellow glass covers.

The lens is an Agfa Anastigmat 105mm, wide open at f4.5, 1 second exposure at ISO 160. I brought in the highlight and shadow points a little to give better contrast, plus a little unsharp mask, but otherwise the image is untouched.

Kelvin Benignus

Taken with a Nikon D5000 with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 @ 44mm f/4 1/200sec iso 400 Exp comp +0.7step

Noticed a community playing music and partying on the street. The smell of barbecue first attracted me. Then I noticed this man playing with some old-school mixer.

Ed Davidson

My Minox III, fresh from the cold war.

Nikon D7000, 85 F3.5 Micro Nikkor, Nikon SB900 Speedlight. F/16, ISO 100, 1/60 sec.
“Antiqued ” in Photoshop CS5

Nick Smith

The local council was conducting a pre-cyclone season collection of hard rubbish. I was out photographing the piles of waste for no particular reason. I just thought that the pics may be useful one day. I came across the “slot machine”, as we used to call them, and took some photos. Imagine my delight when I returned home and discovered that the Shooting Challenge this week was retro. I already had the pictures. I like the building and the foliage in the background, to me this highlights that the slot machine is well out of place both in time and position.

Shot on my point-and-shoot which is a Nikon Coolpix S6100. While I was in auto mode the camera settings were f/3/7, 1/60 sec, ISO-100, focal length 5mm.

Julien Klettenberg

Porsche 356SC, Crown Street, Surry Hills, May 2011. Shot using Hipstamatic on an iPhone 4 (Lens: Melodie; Film: Claunch 72 Monochrome). I have a real “thing” for old Porsches, especially 911s or 356s, and when I saw this one just parked on the street, I couldn’t resist getting a snap. For a car that’s almost 50 years old, it still looks absolutely fantastic. If it wasn’t for the other cars in the shot, it could almost be 1964.

Kendal Boughton

I shot this on Ilford HP5 with a Nikon FA with a 50mm f1.8 lens wide open. I underexposed it by two stops and then push processed and printed on Ilford multigrade paper.

The legs belong to my very obliging girlfriend who, other than being a bit cold, was not harmed in the process.

Benedict Tampi

I took this shot with my iPhone 4.

It’s spring time at the moment in Sydney, and all the trees are blossoming. This particular tree was really captivating to me because it has red leaves. But the position of the tree was actually in a very awkward position on the side of the road. So when I decided to take the photo, I had to wait for the cars and vehicles to pass and for the road to clear, because I have to be on certain distance to the tree, which put me in the middle of the street. The electricity cable and other trees were on my frame too, so I had to find the best angle to take the shot.

After I got my frame, I came back into my car, and I cannot wait but to edit and post the photo to Instagram straight away. No lens, no ISO setting when I’m using my iPhone 4. The photo that is taken by iPhone 4 is quite amazing. I used several applications to enhance the colour, adjust the exposure, apply the colour balance to get that old look. I added a few effects on the border and on the surface to get the feeling that I want.

For me, this photo is about the classic beauty of nature, loneliness, hope, olden days, oriental, life, everlasting and romantic.

Nicole Sumali

I was on the beach, too lazy to exercise, too lazy to sunbathe, I have my iPhone with me chatting away with my boyfriend. We were talking about how I love Disney movies and songs, when suddenly I realise that my boyfriend’s legs are sinking into the sand just by standing still on the beach, and I find it funny, so quickly added more sands on his legs with my hands to completely submerge his feet into the sand. My boyfriend shouted “I lost my legs! Help!” and I said to him “Don’t worry, I give you your feet back” and I drew a Donald Duck feet as a replacement of his feet. I outburst with laughters, used my iPhone to capture the photo of my new Donald Duck boyfriend and show them to all my friends through Instagram.

John Tampi

I was walking in the Kings Cross area in Sydney when i saw these beautiful line of trees across the street. These trees are lined up perfectly nice, and it gives me these shivers that I get every time I have my fantasy intrigued.

I took my iPhone out of my bag because that’s the only camera I have with me at that moment. I have to run around the road quite far, because cars and rubbish truck were all over the street. I got the photo that the best I can get, I stand on the side of the street.

I convert the photo to black and white photo, I shifted and added the lighting in the photo, I applied the extra effect to get the look of mytical, old, classic, retro part of town in Europe somewhere.

Jake Smith

The long drive from Melbourne back to Canberra was sending me mental. Completely bored, I started taking shots with my iPhone and this one turned out an absolute beauty.

iPhone4 + Tilt Shift Gen.

Karthik Ramaswamy

I call this “Forever Young”.

This was taken at Bondi Beach in 2008, when I first came to Australia. I bought this camera at the Sydney Airport, and I was at Bondi on the very first weekend. I saw these kids playing in the sand, probably with an intention to build a sandcastle.

I never had a chance to build a sandcastle as a kid, but seeing these kids do it gave me something to cherish. I asked the kids if I could take a snap, and here it is. A distant but lovely memory.

Camera: Casio Exilim EX-S10 with default settings
Sepia and blur edge of three points on iPhoto to make this appear as a snapshot from my memory.