Scientists Use Radar To Unearth Incredible Roman Gladiator School

Scientists Use Radar To Unearth Incredible Roman Gladiator School

Sixty kilometres outside of Vienna, a crack team of European scientists have managed to discover the ruins of a Roman gladiator school using only radar. It is one of most well-preserved finds of its kind, and it even rivals the Colosseum in scale.

The ruins will remain underground as the scientist try to reach an agreement on how best to preserve the site. In the meantime, the radar technology they used more than suffices, allowing them to completely map and reconstruct the ancient arena. It is now believed that the school served the military and entertainment needs of third-century Carnuntum, capital of the Roman province of Pannonia and one of the largest Roman settlements ever discovered.

So well preserved is the site that it offers an a detailed glimpse into the lives of the men who lived and trained there. Inside are training circles, wooden stands for the spectators, a bathing area and barrack-style living quarters for the gladiators. There’s even a cemetery with elaborate tombs for gladiators who achieved glory in the arena. The researchers hope that, after the planning is in order, excavations can be made to discover eating utensils, armour, weapons, and all sorts of treasures.

Bottom line: I want to go. Count me in, guys. [Spiegel, Daily Mail, AP News]

Photo: AP Photo/Ronald Zak