Samsung Galaxy S II HD Has A Super AMOLED Screen

We’ve previously pondered on whether the upcoming Nexus Prime would feature a high-resolution Super AMOLED display. Samsung’s beaten Google to the punch with the Galaxy S II HD. First up, the bad news; this bad boy is (for now) only available in South Korea. I hear planes take off for Seoul all the time. Still, there’s time for the local carriers to drive a truckload of money up to Samsung HQ and deliver it to Australian consumers — or perhaps it’s Vodafone’s mystery phone. Then again, perhaps not. It could also be Telstra’s next LTE phone; Phandroid notes that there’s an LTE variant of the phone, although that does without one of the key selling points, namely a 4.65-inch, 720x1260 pixel Super AMOLED display. Other goodies include NFC, 8MP camera and dual-core 1.5GHz processor. I’m currently using (and sometimes crashing) a Galaxy S II. I sure could use a new phone. How much are plane tickets to Seoul, anyway? [Samsung via Phandroid]

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