Red Bull Mobile Goes The 'Unlimited' Route With Plans

Energy drink Red Bull announced its plans to launch a mobile service running off Vodafone's network late last month, and now its pricing details have been revealed, with an all-you-can eat model for its main access plans.

Each of the Red Bull Access plans included unlimited calls to Australian mobile and landline numbers and unlimited texts, as well as (more unusually) 1300 and 1800 numbers. Voicemail access is also free, and there's a decent chunk of data with each recharge.

A $10 recharge gets 7 days of access and included 750MB. $20 gets 15 days and 1.5GB, $39 runs for 30 days and includes 4GB, $75 goes for 60 days and includes 8GB of data. For $365, you get 365 days of access plus 5GB of data each month, which is one of the cheapest all-year offers we've seen. If you want to make international calls or send international texts, you can purchase a $15 or $25 bolt-on plan, which remains available until your main credit expires.

Red Bull is also offering the HTC Cha Cha Android phone for $239 outright, which is $60 cheaper than through Vodafone itself. All up, it's better value than we were anticipating, although the usual cautions about whether Vodafone is reliable enough as a provider apply.

Two other points to note in the T&Cs: data usage is calculated in 250KB increments, and the connection "must not be used on peer-to-peer file sharing services". Mobile broadband is obviously not a sensible way to access torrents anyway, but that's a slightly annoying restriction. Thanks George D for the tip!

Red Bull Mobile



    a buck a day for unlimited calls and 5GB data a month!
    That is dirt dirt cheap, If VF fix up their network I would be all over this.

    Please please Optus or a Reseller respond to these plans in kind.

    Vodafones upgrades should be placing it back above the pitiful Optus network again.

    Personally I've had enough of both Optus and Voda's rubbish networks to last a life time and will stick with Telstra. The only time I have to deal with rubbish networks now is when calling friends who made a bad choice.

    Yes.. that's right.. upgrade your crap, overpopulated network and then licence part of it out to another company who's sole intent is to flood the network with leechers... good business practice.

    The ChaCha is $199 outright at Vodafone.


    A crap tasting drink launching a a service running of a crap network!

    The cha cha is actually $179 from Vodafone if you buy it online.

    would almost consider staying on the vodafone network with those prices... almost....

    Nice, really liking that yearly plan.

    Where do you purchase 'redbull' credit?!!?? :)

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