Pure's New Digital Radio Goes Portable

The digital radio audience is slowly expanding, even if the footprint of digital radio coverage isn't exactly blossoming outwards from metropolitan centres. Pure's latest radio takes on that portability challenge, although it's not unique — we've seen portable DAB+ units before. The Move 2500 should cover the digital radio basics, as well as FM for when your digital reception is dodgy. The selection wheel does look a little on the retro side, but then retro styling seems to be a hallmark of many DAB+ devices. In this case, it's only retro for around 10 years ago, rather than the 50-year-old style of many digital radios. The one thing you can't do from the Move 2500 is access Pure's FlowSongs service; that'd require an internet connection and cut rather badly into the unit's 14-hour claimed battery life.

I listen to a reasonable amount of digital radio (largely because the digital-only stations haven't been assaulted with billions of ads and annoying morning show/drive time shock jocks), and I could see myself making heavy use of a portable digital radio, but at $199 it's definitely not the cheapest option for digital reception.

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