Pirate Party Wins Seat In German Parrrrrrrrliament

Walk the polling plank, ye landlubbers! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Scuttlebutt from over the briny seas says that the German Pirate party has ransacked the mainland, taking a seat in the Berlin parliament. OK, no more talking like a Pirate. It's fun to say, but exhausting to type. Deutsche Welle reports that the German Pirate Party managed to gain an impressive nine percent of the vote in Berlin's elections, well clear of the five percent needed for a seat. Andreas Baum, the party's top candidate is quoted as saying that

This is all very new for us. We will need to prepare, get into the swing of things, but you will be hearing from us. You can be sure of that."

Which is a statement that really doesn't say anything at all when you examine it. Or, in other words, he seems well suited to be a politician.[Deutsche Welle via ITNews]

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