Photojojo's Leather Strap Makes Your DSLR Look Like Indiana Jones's

Dropping your expensive camera is terrible. Looking like a giant tool while you're snapping photos is also awful. Photojojo's "Handy Dandy Hand Strap" will take care of both, snuggly securing your cam to your hand, all while looking ruggedly beautiful.

There's nothing complicated about the strap. And that's a good thing. It's just soft padded leather that tucks into your camera's strap loop on one end and screws into the tripod mount on the other. Stick your mitt in, and you're ready to run and gun while the camera sticks to you. I can also see this as a way to turn your camera into a particularly sophisticated bludgeoning weapon, although that's not a use condoned by Photojojo, myself, Gizmodo, or its parent company. [Photojojo via Gadget Lab]

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