Only Awesome People Need A Carbon Fibre Tub

So you might think a carbon fibre bathtub is silly, but somewhere there's a person who won't just bathe themselves in a common porcelain basin — they need excess. The Corcel N°1 is a beautiful thing for the awesomely opulent.

Carbon fibre is tough and versatile, sure, but the Corcel N°1 is made of the material because it's expensive and looks badass — making it part of a time-honoured tradition of giving random household objects the carbon fibre treatment. I suppose the tub will probably last a lifetime as well. The Corcel N°1 is 2.4m long and holds almost 340 litres of water. That's pretty big, so I'm assuming it isn't intended for single occupancy.

So why do people need this tub? Because until swimming in heaps of money is actually possible, splashing around inside a vessel that costs a lot of money will have to suffice. The Corcel N°1 is limited to a production run of 51. You'll have to figure out how much it costs, because the price isn't listed on the product's website. Then again, if you're seriously considering one of these monsters, I'm sure cost isn't a concern. [Corcel N°1 via Elite Choice]

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