Nikon 1: A Tiny, Superfast Camera With Tiny, Swappable Lenses

Tiny cameras with giant sensors and swappable lenses are like, a big deal. Nikon just built their first brand new platform and lensmount system for the first time in practically 50 years. It's the Nikon 1. And yeah, it's kind of awesome.

There's a lot going on that makes it fantastic. It shoots video and photos simultaneously, without interrupting video — even at 1080p. Nikon's saying it's got the world's fastest autofocus. A new Motion Snapshot combines photo and video seamlessly — snap a photo, and it shoots a second a video simultaneously at 60fps. When you hit play, it spools out 2.5 seconds of slow-motion video at 24fps. Speaking of slow-motion, it records at 600fps at its super slowest.

Vital details for camera nerds:

• 10.1-megapixel CX sensor

• dual-core Expeed 3 sensor

• Nikon 1 lens mount system

There's two models, both out on Oct. 20 — the J1 is $US650 and the more heavyweight V1 is $US900. Nikon hasn't confirmed Australian pricing, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out.

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