Next-Generation High-Speed Bomber Looks Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

I love the shape of Northrop Grumman's high-speed bomber concept. It's beautiful, like the unholy destructive child of a B-2 Spirit bomber and the SR-71 Blackbird conceived by Industrial Light & Magic.

The high-speed bomber is nothing like Northrop Grumman's heir for the B-2, the Secret X bomber or Boeing/Lockheed Martin's own long-range bomber. It's just a concept for now, so there are absolutely no details — but I guess this beast would fly supersonically and can deliver a few nukes to anywhere in the world in about four or five hours. The Dew Line

This is the F-X, the next-next-generation fighter that would eventually replace the current next-generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning. Of course, with the F-22s and F-35s having problems and the current economic climate, all these planes are far, far away in the future.


    Somehow given the sped at which they are developing unmanned aircraft, I seriously doubt that this thing will have a cockpit! #]

      This is projected at like... 20 years in the future, when drones are all but guaranteed to be the norm yet they designed cockpits for them? It's like a mock-up for a future warship and you include a sail.

    Looks very familiar. Wraith Dart.

      I was actually thinking Colonial Viper (bomber) and Cylon Raider (fighter)


        The bomber does look like a Viper.

    Funny how everything Techy these days has some kind of hexagon pattern going on in it's background design.

    Anyway, they're some sexy looking planes.

    Sexy looking until you see the bill for taxpayers. I would bet every dollar I had that this won't be sold or even used much like the F22 Raptor. How much did that cost? And yet they haven't even been used in a single mission. Ditto with half the ideas that come out of DARPA.

    But I would have more luck laying an egg that hatches a Dodo bird than seeing the military industrial complex put in its place in my lifetime.

    The b-2 spirit cost a billion bucks each 10-20 years ago, how much for these?2-3 billion?So lets send a 2 billion dollar jet to take out a few guy's in a desert cave with ak-47's.

      Yeah, and $9 billion aircraft carriers to protect our ships from car bombs.

    the hexagon design is part of the marketing campaign for my upcoming game:
    Civilization 6.

    Keep an eye out for it ;)

    Personally I think the old B-1s are far sexier- they have the look of a swan in flight. This by comparison as crude, childish aesthetics.

    ...Even though it's probably designed to be much faster, fuel efficient and far more stealthy :)

    Looks like something stolen from star wars, even though I've never seen any of them.
    Metal Gear REX would be much more effective and cheaper...

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