Newest Sony Dash Is Still Just A Really Expensive Alarm Clock

The last Sony Dash was a $US200 alarm clock that also beamed in stock quotes, weather, news, and the like. The new Dash is a $US170 alarm clock that does the same thing. What's changed? You probably need it less.

Despite a boasted 1000 apps for the 7-inch touchscreen, and new battery-enabled portability, the Dash HID-B70 doubtfully does something you can't already do with your smartphone or tablet. And there's a good chance you own one of those! Even phones from a decade ago had alarms, and now they can bring you the morning news, temperature highs, and Twitter mentions as well. Do you need a dedicated box next to your bed to do this? I don't see why. I also don't see the pleasure in tapping an alarm clock box while lying in bed, when you could do the same thing with a tablet or phone, cradled close to your half-awake bosom. This is a luxury item — a cool one, sure — but a piece superfluity yet and still. [Sony]

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