New Bose Soundbars Have A Mind Of Their Own

Soundbars are awesome because a good one can deliver the room-shaking roar of a much larger system. Simplicity rules. These new Bose soundbars promise the company's awesome sound plus some built-in tech that makes them even easier to set up.

The Lifestyle 135 and CineMate 1 SR are soundbar versions of Bose's similarly named home theatre systems. The CineMate is streamlined and the Lifestyle is juiced. The LifeStyle sports an attached iPod dock and 4 HDMI inputs while the CineMate connects to the TV with "just one cable". Both come with a subwoofer.

The systems also have cool automated technologies on board. Each speaker detects whether it is mounted vertically on the wall or if it is sitting flat on a table. Bose also claims that built-in tech detects where a speaker is placed in a room and calibrates the sound accordingly. The most frequent complaint I hear about Bose gear is that it's too expensive, and these soundbars are no different. The Lifestyle 135 costs $US1500 and the CineMate 1 SR costs $US2500. [TechCrunch]

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