NBC News' Twitter Feed Hacked With Fake Terrorist Attack

Looks like Steve Jobs isn't the only thing confusing Twitterland: NBC News' official Twitter account has been compromised, broadcasting an entirely false report of a terrorist attack at Ground Zero. The Anonymous-sympathetic group "Script Kiddies" (sweet name!) take credit.

Ryan Osborn, NBC's Director of Social Media, says "The @NBCNews account has been hacked. Working on it. Please don't retweet any misinformation." So yeah, don't. Nothing happened. If you see a friend spread this lie, do us all a favour and correct them.

Update: The Script Kiddies Twitter account (@s_kiddies) has already been suspended. That was quick! Someone at Twitter got some pissed off phone calls.

Update 2: The NBC News Twitter account is currently suspended — presumably while they get their shit in order.

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