Navy Commander Fired After Shooting At Innocent Fishing Boat

Hey, everyone screws up at work sometimes. It's natural. It's normal. It's usually not a big deal — unless you're commanding a Navy destroyer, and start lobbing shells at a local fishing boat off the coast of North Carolina. Darn!

This little oopsie cost Commander Mark Olson, his job, the Navy Times reports, after it was determined that incident caused "a loss of confidence in his ability to command." I'd say so! Luckily, the salvo didn't hit the fishermen, who I'm sure had ceased singing fishing shanties and began shitting their fishing pants as a 154m guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans starts shooting at you out of nowhere. The rounds were inert, but more than enough to put a hole or five in a fishing boat.

Eleven years ago, terrorists tried to blow up The Sullivans, but were sunk before they could detonate. Maybe things have been a little jittery onboard since then? [Navy Times via Information Dissemination]

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