Navguard’s App Promises ‘Advanced GPS’ For Blackberry

There aren’t that many choices for GPS apps on Blackberry. Navguard’s solution is said to offer ‘advanced’ GPS, and will come to iOS and Android later in the year. Navguard’s solution is called Navtrack, and aside from the usual stuff you’d expect from a GPS application — points of interest, 2D or 3D maps, voice instructions and the like — there’s also a couple of key differentiating features. The app can be set to track the handset it’s on and deliver reports as to its location. Handy for fleet managers, doubting spouses and those who’ve had their Blackberries nicked. It’s also facebook aware, capable of sending updates to your facebook profile. I’m not sure that my friends and family are ready to be told that I need to turn left in 200m, but your relations may vary. One aspect that Navtrack has that I’ve not seen other GPS app providers offer is a fifteen day trial of the $49.95 app; that should certainly give you an idea of how well it works for you.

There are some catches, the most pressing of which is that Navguard uses Navteq maps but doesn’t store any of them locally. Instead they’re streamed to your blackberry over your Internet connection. While the data amounts should be relatively small, they’re not delivered via the Blackberry browser, which means they will count against your data quota. Most Blackberry plans don’t include that much data, as core services are handled through RIM and attract no data charge.[Navguard]

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