Mind Reading Cars Could Drive You Crazy

The Guardian reports on joint research between Nissan and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (that's a Swiss Uni if your language skills are rusty) into cars that can read your thoughts. Not so much a case of sorting out why you're perving on that person in the next lane, and more to do with avoiding accidents. The idea is that by reading a variety of signals — including brain activity, patterns of eye movement and observing the environment around the car — the car will be able to predict what the driver is most likely to do next and adjust in-car parameters to better meet the driver's needs.

Knowing my luck, though, it'll accurately read my thoughts on a long car trip as being "Why isn't this journey over already?" and then promptly finish said journey by crashing into a tree. That's a way off, though; the first prototype isn't expected for four years. [The Guardian]

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