Man Planned To Destroy Pentagon With Remote Aeroplanes

So what do you do when you've graduated university and sitting around Massachusetts? Conspire to blow up the two greatest symbols of American global power: the US Capitol and Pentagon. With a giant, C-4-laden toy plane.

According to feds, who've now busted 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus, the chap was going to ram remote-controlled planes into these two iconic structures. Luckily for us, CBS reports, Ferdaus was arrested with "what [he]believed was C-4 explosive", which suggests he didn't actually have C-4. Maybe it was Play-Doh. But feds did find very real "grenades" and "six machine guns" — so it's likely there was more to his plot than the plane attack. Had he not been too inept to execute the plan, like most terrorists have proven themselves to be, a remote plane attack would have been pretty damn diabolical. There's a reason we use little remote-controlled aeroplanes to do our dirty work: they're fast, hard to spot, and harder to shoot down. In other words, a perfect platform for a big wad of C-4.

Details are sparse on this one right now, but we'll be curious to see what this would-be remote bomber's downfall was — and some photographs of that rig. [CBS News]

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty

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