MadPad For iOS: Playing With Custom Soundboards Is Too Much Fun

MadPad For iOS: Playing With Custom Soundboards Is Too Much Fun

There was a not-so-brief moment in my life where I wanted to become a hip hop producer. Drum machines, soundboards, studios, all of it looked so damn cool. I became a blogger who plays with phones instead. Which is fine! Because MadPad creates custom soundboards to create your own music.

What’s it do?

MadPad works for both iPhone and iPad and you can create soundboards using the microphone and camera. All you do is record 12 different sounds around you (it can be anything, like feet tapping, keys clinging, mouth smacking, you get the point) and then you’ll get a grid of 12 images all attached to the sounds they make. After your 12 sounds have been recorded and hammered down, you can start your own personal track made up of those sounds. The app records you while you tap each icon trying to make a beat. You can adjust the pitch, volume of each sound and more.

Why do we like it?

Because it turns random noises into audible music! I’m saying it in all seriousness too, it’s fun because you literally create everything. From recording the sounds to tapping them in a musical beat (or not). It’s the sort of fun, music, creative app that just kills on the iPad and iPhone. You can also share your created tunes to YouTube, share the boards you’ve created, use boards others have created and add in the 50 preset sounds that come equipped with the app.


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