Logitech's Wireless Touch Keyboard Is Built For Sofa Surfing

Logitech's latest wireless keyboard is aimed at sofa surfers, although only sadly those who plug in their laptops or run a home theatre PC.

Any home theatre device with an Internet presence suffers from the same problem; onscreen keyboards are rubbish. The T9 style mobile phone ones are particularly rubbish, but even shifting a cursor around a screen keyboard one key at a time is a lousy way to enter a URL. Even after that, you're stuck navigating around the screen via remote button presses, which still sucks.

Logitech's latest stab at removing this problem is the inventively named Wireless Touch Keyboard. Wireless because it's free of wires, and Touch because aside from physical keys you can touch, there's also a 3.5" Touchpad area to the right for swift mousing action. It's available now for $79.95.

Sadly for all my dreams and hopes, the Logitech Wireless Keyboard isn't specifically compatible with anything but Windows — XP, Vista or Windows 7 officially — but it'd be interesting to plug it into any number of USB-compatible streaming boxes that also accept keyboard connections and see what happens. The specifications for the keyboard suggest it's got a ten metre range — does anyone have a lounge room quite that big? [Logitech]

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