Jet-Skiing Through Your Hurricane-Ravaged Neighbourhood

What would you do if you woke up after Irene and saw your entire town had been flooded? Check your basement? Call friends and see if they're OK? Hell no, brah — get out the jet ski and get x-treme.

Oceanside, New York, looks like a pretty fun place to hang out post-hurricane! Serious warning: the soundtrack to this video is unspeakably bad. Heinous; Like, worse than most actual natural disasters. So mute it and play the radical street-surfing track of your choice. I would recommend Prince. [BuzzFeed]


    Douche. There, I said it.

      I don't particularly see what is so douchey about what he is doing, it's not as if he caused the hurricane just so he could do this, what he is doing isn't making it worse for anyone else, and hey, make the best of a bad situation right?

        For ripping up and down the same piece of street like some snot-nosed 11 year old on a monkey bike, and for the vomit-inducing soundtrack, I award the Douche First-Class with oak leaf clusters. Wanna be maxxtreme, Pauly? Ride that thing out of a third-story window and film that.

          Oh no, better stop cars driving along the same roadways when the water goes away

            And somehow I doubt there is people in those houses when they are flooded like that

              Better still, strap your GoPro to the hood of your car and tear up and down. Maybe Giz can post that as well.

        It makes perfect sense to go up and down the same street.
        That way he can be sure the water is deep enough and there is no debris etc.

    I saw him go by and said Holy Crap!!!
    I had 3 feet of water in my Street.

    Looks like brilliant fun, notwithstanding the unhappy circumstances of the flooding. It's often quite difficult to jetski through your neighbourhood. Soundtrack is great as well.

    He is bloody brave to be jet skiing in water that shallow

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