Is This The iPhone 4S?

Honestly, it's getting tough to work out what Apple's up to. Will we see an iPhone 5? An iPhone 4S? Will it be only for China? Will they sue everyone into oblivion? It's hard to say, but the latest batch of supposedly leaked iPhone 4S photos suggest that we might see slightly better battery life at least.

The purported iPhone 4S is clearly the less interesting of the new iPhones; if it ever got past prototype stage — bearing in mind that Apple prepares lots of prototypes that never make it to store shelves — it'd be the cheaper cousin to a genuine next generation iPhone 5, in much the same way that you can still get a cheap iPhone 3GS if your budget is stretched. The latest photos, via MacPost, suggest that the major change in the iPhone 4S may be an upgraded battery, 1430mAh, up from the 1420mAh in the current model. Sure, that's not a lot of extra power, but if you've ever struggled with any smartphone in its last 5 per cent of power, you'll know every bit counts. [MacPost via Macrumors]

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