Is The Humble Garbo About To Be Sucked Away?

Sydney City Council is considering a plan to swap out garbage trucks for high-powered vacuum garbage tubes. Kind of like Futurama, but with trash rather than people. Unless you stuffed people in there. Which I'm legally obliged to point out would be a very bad idea indeed.

If there's something that you'd think was immune to the march of technology, it'd be trash. But you'd be wrong. We've already seen RFID-equipped garbage bins. Now, the Sydney Morning Herald reports on a plan to replace garbage truck collections with integrated high-pressure garbage tubes. The plan may be adopted by the council at this stage for new developments.

It's understandably easier to fit new garbage tubes to new buildings rather than dig around placing them on existing infrastructure. Garbage tubes certainly sound very Futurama, but it's a technology in widespread use around the planet, from Stockholm to Seoul. [Sydney Morning Herald]

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