iPhone 5 October Launch And Preorder Docs Unearthed

iPhone 5 October Launch And Preorder Docs Unearthed

The folks at BGR have stumbled upon some documents that allegedly detail basic first steps and prep work for a iPhone 5 launch in the first week of October at US electronics retailer Best Buy. We’ll add this evidence to the growing pile.

While it’s unclear at this time, the docs suggest a preorder period. Also mentioned is the ballyhooed Sprint iPhone 5, which Best Buy is prepping to have at launch as well. Good news for Sprint customers!

Further muddying the issue is an update to the BGR site that suggests preorders could begin this week, even though the initial report said the first week in October. All of this information was provided to BGR by a source inside of Best Buy.

Lastly, to its credit, Best Buy is also letting employees know that these plans are tentative and could change at any time. I guess we’ll know how well-placed this source is later this week. [BGR]

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