iPad 2 Launches In China

MacRumors notes that Apple's iPad 2 3G has finally officially gone on sale in China. It's an interesting step (especially for those who insist we'll see an iPad 3 before the end of the year), but how will they tell the difference from the millions of fakes? It seems pretty unlikely that Apple would launch into a market as absolutely immense as China if there was a refresh on the immediate cards, after all. Still, based on those fake Apple stores and my own anecdotal evidence from my recent sojourn to Shanghai, they'll face something of an uphill battle when it comes to outselling the fakes. Certainly, Apple's stuff is likely to be slightly better built and packaged — I saw no shortage of units that happily described themselves as "iPhonc 4", for example — but the fakes appear to be very popular indeed, and that included plenty of tablets. [Macrumors]

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