iiNet’s NBN Plans: 100Mbps Starts At $70 (With 20/20GB)

iiNet’s NBN Plans: 100Mbps Starts At $70 (With 20/20GB)

iiNet’s NBN plans have just been announced. They can be fast (with the addition of a so-called “Turbo” pack), and they undercut the announced plans we’ve seen from Exetel and Internode.

It’s long been a point of contention amongst the pro and anti-NBN camps as to how much NBN plans will actually cost. I’m in the same camp as Danny is here; I tend to think folks are freaking out for no good reason. We’ve already seen Internode and Exetel’s pricing, and this morning iiNet joined the NBN fray announcing its pricing plans for those in the NBN test areas.

Prices range from $49.95/month for a 20GB/20GB peak/offpeak 12/1Mbps plan up to $99.95 for a 500GB/500GB 100/40Mbps plan. There’s only three data tiers (20/20, 100/100 and 500/500) and a choice of four ‘turbo pack’ speeds. The default is 12/1Mbps, with options for 25/5 for $5 more, 50/20 for $15 more and the full whack 100/40 for $20 more.

There’s some clever psychology in play there; I can’t imagine too many power users not opting to spend $5 more to jump from 50/20 to 100/40 speeds. Based on my own pitiful ADSL2+ speeds (disclaimer; I’m an iiNet customer, for whatever that’s worth), I’d certainly jump that way if there was an NBN cable outside my place.

Clearly, some folks won’t be satisfied with this pricing, although it’s notably cheaper than Exetel’s and Internode’s offerings — although probably not for long in the competitive ISP space. What do you think?[iiNet]