I Want To Love This Inductive iPad Charger Mount, But...

iPort did a good thing in creating such an attractive, efficient wall mount that wirelessly charges your iPad. The only thing holding it back in my mind is that it's so bloody expensive for what it does.

iPort is basically asking you to pay twice — potentially three times — for LaunchPort, their charging system. You'll need to buy the PowerShuttle, their admittedly attractive hard case, which then sticks magnetically to the table top BaseStation whenever it needs a charge. Together they make an nice pair; you just slap your iPad onto its base, orient it however you like, and keep it moving. But you have to cough up $US350 for the whole setup, which is galling when you're not getting some kind of magical over-the-air charge anyway. I'd even forgive their wall mount accessory for looking a bit like a pimple if it weren't another needless $US200.

I really wanted to like this. It's just not worth the price tag. [Ecoustics]

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