I Want My Next Car To Be Built Out Of Lego

Just like this Ford Explorer. Not that this is a tiny little minifig-sized Ford Explorer; this is a full-sized Ford Explorer made from 382,858 Lego bricks. Thanks to the wonders of time-lapse photography, you can watch it being built in just 90 seconds. It's a Ford promotional effort for its US 2012 Ford Explorer model. But it's also life-sized! Sure, it might not be the most comfortable ride, but we've already seen that it's possible to race Lego cars. I could even do it wearing a pair of Lego Nike Air Mags. [Jalopnik via Technabob]


    Is that glue being used at 43 seconds?! CHEATER!

      Most of the large scale models use glue; partly to overcome the weight of Lego, and often for models that'll have public display (I suspect this one will) to stop people nicking bits.

        I also thought the fume capture hoods made it pretty clear the model was being glued

    Still bloody awesome! My kids loved it - tnx :D

    Why not just make it hollow and save 200,000 bricks?

      It allows for the model to be strong enough to withstand it's own weight and to make it more stable for transportation. That, and if for some reason a part of the model was knocked and it fell apart, then they would only have to rebuild the broken part, not most of the side.

    Heh, when you look at it, it's like a real car but in very low resolution. :-P Like Minecraft!!!

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