Humax Launches $449 PVR

Humax's DLNA-enabled PVR offers another TV catchup and recording option for Australian homes, but with PVR takeup rates being rather low, will anyone care? Humax isn't a brand with much penetration in the Australian market outside the satellite dish market, but it's revealed its PVR plans today, and it's certainly looking aggressive. The key product for launch today is the HDR-7500T, a $449 (500GB) or $549 (1TB) PVR with integrated DLNA and a smattering of apps available at launch. To start with, it's only offering iView, Youtube, [email protected] and Picasa. It's not freeview branded, which means you're free to ad skip in 30, 60, 120 or 240 second increments. Ethernet's the primary net connection for updates (which are checked daily at 4am), but it's Wi-Fi capable via a $49 USB dongle; Humax representatives stated that the Wi-Fi dongle may be bundled with the unit by selected retailers. At launch you can buy it through ICETV and apparently at selected Retravision stores in Western Australia.

The base Humax PVR is just a reskin of the existing FTA EPG guides, which are never terribly reliable, but it's also ICETV compatible as well. A three-month trial version of ICETV is bundled; after that it'll cost $49 a year or $99 for a lifetime subscription. Files recorded on the Humax can be shifted off the unit, but only for storage; company representatives stated that they'll only play back on the PVR itself.

The HDR-7500T is just the start point; Humax showed off a roadmap that included four tuner one and two terabyte models due before the end of the year. That's an awful lot of pre-recorded I Dream Of Jeannie.

The PVR market in Australia's an interesting one; as part of the presentation it was stated that while digital television penetration in Australia had reached 82 per cent of Australian homes, PVRs had only been adopted by 28 per cent of us -- although it wasn't clear if they included Foxtel's IQ PVR in those figures.

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    I'd rather a good DLNA NAS than any kid of PVR. FTA TV sucks, but I'm happy to buy DVDs of my favourite shows, rip them to a HDD and have my PS3 or TV stream them from a DLNA server somewhere on the network.

    Synology DS211j NAS + SABnzbd + Sickbeard + Couchpotato. All you will ever need. Besides perhaps food and water.

    Why not just go for the AC Ryan PVR

    @ 239ish minus the HD i can't see why you'd go this option

    Looks like a revamped Beyonwiz to me. I have two of em, and I just upgraded the HDD's to a terabyte each! Can't say as I can believe the PVR uptake though? Unless they think most people are still using tape! #]

    These things should be called PTVR not PVR. Most have no video input, only recording TV broadcasts.

    i think people do care, but not enough reliable brands offer them in stores. ive had a topfield TRF7150 PVR that has been a useless brick that never records shows properly despite NUMEROUS firmware updates since i purchased it 3 years ago. never buying budget brands again (it was actually quite expensive for a budget brand: $370 :O )

    Why is PVR take up at 28%? Because there is shit all to watch on TV. What's the point of recording something if there's nothing to watch in the first place.

    tate. .. your not wrong there.I`ve been tempted a few times to
    buy one but didn`t for that reason

    My main complaint with using a PVR is that even when using IceTV, programs never start or end when they are scheduled in the EPG - a deliberate ploy by TV stations to keep people switching away from their channel. That's why MasterChef et. al. all go on and on. I have written to the ACMA but their comment has been that they have no authority in this matter.

    Don't forget the Topfield brand, it is a high end brand. I have one and I am so happy with it. It's also from Korea and my Topfield does exactly the same as the Humax except iView. Who cares about ABC catch up? There is nothing to catch up on ABC anyway. My Topfield has 2 more features to this rubbish Humax which I think is important, AV input and can record 4 programs at once. take it back to the drawing board Humax.

      the topfield does not even record timeshifted programs correctly, it records the whole buffer then starts another recording thta is backwards if you ask me!

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