HP Now Printing… Carry-All Handbags?

HP Now Printing… Carry-All Handbags?

HP’s Designjet L25500 isn’t the kind of thing you can stick on an normal desk, unless it’s an abnormally large desk. It’s designed for large scale printing work, or as HP’s shown off, printing fashionable handbags. Hang on a minute. Printing what now?

Every once in a while at an otherwise ordinary press event, technology companies pull a swift one. At HP’s Impact printing event, they’re showing off industrial level printers, used for large scale banners and the like. In this case it’s the DesignJet L25500 printer.

Not exactly a small printer, this one. Anyway, so far, so ordinary, but in order to show off the fact that it can print on all sorts of material beyond simple paper, HP popped out this bag — which they printed earlier.

I can’t quite decide if this is cool from a manufacturing standpoint, or insanity in printing form.

Alex Kidman travelled to Shanghai as a guest of HP.