How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You Across The Internet

If you want to use Facebook, but don't want Facebook's tendrils extending all over the internet and following your account, you'll want this. Facebook Disconnect completely blocks the social network's ability to track your account across the web.

Like buttons, share buttons, Facebook comment threads, Facebook logins -- all these now-ubiquitous adornments will be nuked entirely. So you'll lose some functionality, but if you're a privacy maven, you'll have the peace of mind that Mark Zuckerberg can't know anything about you after you close the tab. [Facebook Disconnect]


    Yes with the exeption that if you look at the extension it's worse then Facebook because this thing also tracks you and has full access to everything you do. Google the program tech experts think it's a huge security risk.

      Yeah, strange that Google wouldn't endorse something that would aslo affect (with minimal tweaking) their own social networking platform!

      No, I haven't found it discussed as a threat anywhere - links or it didn't happen...

      It was written by a Google employee in his "20% time", and isn't being run for profit at all. Now admittedly, I haven't installed this particular package since I already block FB connect along with other trackers, but I see no reason to regard it as suspect. If they do collect data, I bet it's opt-in (like Ghostery).

      Kennish has open-sourced the code so people can look at it themselves, to prove what it does. It HAS to look at the site you're visiting, to figure out what to block. How is it supposed to block the Facebook content without access to what you're looking at?
      In the "notes" section of the chrome store page for it he links to an explanation of the warning. Research - It helps sometimes.

    Why oh why don't you ever include all the facts in your review - that this is ONLY for Google Chrome????

    lol @ facebook, every week coming up with something new that rapes you and you have to disable it.

      Trolololol yeah how exciting. Except like buttons and Facebook connect is not even close to new.

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