Holy Crap, That’s A Big Crocodile

Holy Crap, That’s A Big Crocodile

This 6.4m, 1075kg megacroc destroyed four traps, one water buffalo, and possibly a fisherman before finally being captured in a specially designed, reinforced, steel-wire trap. Trapped, not killed? And cue Jurassic Park theme music in 3… 2… 1…

Dang, Philippines, y’all got some big reptiles. This crocosaurus stands accused of killing one large water buffalo, and is the prime suspect in the case of a missing fisherman from back in July. Once it was finally trapped, it took approximately 100 men to drag it out of the water. It was then lifted by a crane into a truck and transferred to a temporary holding cell. He will eventually be the star of an eco-tourism park, which will hopefully bring some much-needed cash-flow to the impoverished area of Agusan, approximately 500 miles southeast of Manila. He is one of the largest crocodiles ever captured alive.

Oh, but here’s some good news. Wildlife official Ronnie Sumiller is leading the hunt for another croc which may be even bigger.

Backed by five village hunters he has trained, Sumiller has set 20 steel cable traps with an animal carcass as bait along the creek where the first crocodile was caught and in a nearby vast marshland.

Sumiller said he found no human remains when he induced the captured crocodile to vomit.

You induced a giant crocodile to vomit? How, by holding back its scales and sticking your finger down its throat? Or is that some sort of croco-emetic you’re pouring down that pipe into its mouth in the video? Regardless, the guy who has to pick through the croco-spew looking for human remains is underpaid no matter how much he makes. [AP via Business Insider]

Image/video: AP Images