Haier Unveils The Brain-Controlled TV

Haier's a house of wacky concepts; we saw that earlier in the year with its wire-free TV. Its latest innovation, on show at IFA? A television that you control with your brain. The Haier TV uses NeuroSky's ThinkGear technology and claims that it's the world’s first Brain-Computer Interface Technology Smart TV. Call me just a tad picky, but I suspect "Brain-Computer Interface Technology Smart TV" might not be the best marketing term; it sounds scary.

When I first read the release for the product, I thought it would spell the end of losing the remote control down the back of the sofa, but sadly that isn't so. The Haier TV uses a NeuroSky MindReader headset to read your emotional state, giving you something much larger to lose instead.

The TV isn't quite capable of interpreting you thinking "violence!" and then switching over to the most recent NRL game; it's instead touted as allowing 'users to develop control over their concentration and relaxation abilities through entertainment applications.' Haier locally only distributes whitegoods, so it's unlikely we'll see brain-controlled TVs on our shores any time soon.[Akihabara News]

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