Grand Finals 2011 Party: Can You Do It Online?

Grand Finals 2011 Party: Can You Do It Online?

Grand Final Weekend is almost upon us. Have you stocked up the fridge, freezer and pantry with enough comestibles to feed the incoming sports-crazed army? If not . . . is it possible to organise it all online?

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Grand Final weekend — whether you’re an AFL Fanatic or an NRL Nutter — isn’t really about physical exertion. OK, yes, if you’re one of the players or officials on the field, there’s a certain quantity of activity that you’re going to undertake in the search for Grand Final glory, but as a percentage of the population that’s a tiny number — perhaps 200 people all up (including coaches, officials, cheerleaders and security) out of a watching audience that measures into the millions.

For the rest of the watching population (disclaimer: I’m not one of you, and despite having read Lifehacker’s excellent guide, I’m not sure I’m even up to faking it) the Grand Finals aren’t about physical activity; they’re about sitting back and chowing down while you watch the spectacle unfold before your eyes. Research shows that national pride and belt size goes up in direct proportion to the level to which national productivity goes down — or at least it would if I hadn’t just made that research up in my head. Still, a good Grand Final party takes preparation, and that kind of thing does interest me. Would it be possible to set up a Grand Final party using only online sources?

Eat And Be Merry

Pizza’s the obvious delivery food here, and both Pizza Hut and Dominos offer web-based and app-based ordering for that last minute injection of steaming hot pepperoni. But you’re not limited to simply flat italian bread — services like MenuLog and its ilk are also an alternative if your tastes go a little wider. Remember to tip your driver, however; chances are high they’d rather be watching the game too.

But Not Too Merry

There’s no shortage of online beer ordering services on offer — I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that both AFL and NRL Grand Finals would be more in the beer-drinking sphere than the Chablis-sipping scene — and without wanting to give a particular free kick to any one over the other, a few quick minutes Google searching found more than a few of them. Most note, however, that they require advance booking for deliveries; might be wise to order up the hooch tomorrow rather than at midday on Saturday.

Mmmm… Chips

Where Did All These Drunkards Come From (And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?)
Transport might not seem like a high priority for the post-finals celebration, but at some point you’re going to want to get rid of all those noisy smelly drunks that are piling up on your sofa. Might be wise to book a fleet of taxis online or via App beforehand to take care of the problem.

I think that’d sort out everything needed for a Grand Final party, but as mentioned, it’s not my thing — what have I missed? Let me know below!