Google Wallet Goes Back In Time To Torment George Costanza

Even though it's unclear when Google Wallet will officially debut, Google decided to jump back to 1998 to give George a lesson in why wallets are a thing of the past. You can hear Larry Page's cruel laughter in the background.

The whole bit is from Seinfeld's "Reverse Peephole" episode. George refuses to give up his overstuffed wallet, and he gets back problems as a result. So, you know, I get it. Wallets sucked pre-Google, Inc. But what was George gonna do with his newfound Google knowledge? Hop on Jerry's Twentieth Anniversary Mac and figure out to keep his home phone in his pants? Groundbreaking! [TechCrunch]


    What is thuh deaaaaal wiiiith GOOOOO-GUUUHHHLLLL?!

    It's like the party animal that won't stuuuuhhhp PARTYEEEEHHHNNN!

    Go home! Get some rest! The fuuuhhhn is OVAAAH!

      Thats Gold Jerry, Gold!

      you the man Jerry. Also, Kenny... nice. Real nice. You killed, Kenny! KILLED!

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