Google+ Adds Search, Opens To Everyone

It's been nearly 90 days since Google unveiled Google+. And unlike Buzz and Wave, Google+ actually seems to be resonating with people. Today, Google's opening the social network up to all comers, and endowing it with a host of new features.

Hangouts got the majority of the attention today. Mobile Hangouts can now be initiated on Android devices with 2.3 or later, with iOS support on the way. Google's also introducing Hangouts on Air, which is like a intimate live-stream broadcast that can be recorded while up to nine other friends can watch your "show".

Hangouts also gets screensharing to share your screen with friends. Duh. Sketchpad is there too to allow groups to work on doodles together. And Google Docs jumps in as well, for exciting document manipulation while staring at each other. You can finally give your Hangout a name, like No Girlz Allowed or Pleaz Send More Girlz or whatever.

Google also added search to Google+, which seems a little late for a company that makes all its money getting you to search? And lastly, they've made it so that anyone can join, no invite required. So now you have no excuse not to sign up for yet another social network that will connect you with all those jerks you hated back in high school. [Twitter]



    Google+ started off great guns, but seems to be dying a slow death from what I have seen. I dont think its the right time, most people just arent ready to let go of FB at this point in time.

      Nothing says you can't use them in tandem. I did delete my fb, they made a few cutbacks on the changes that pissed me off, but by then I'd made up my mind. Was just as easy as dumping that MySpace thing.

      It's only slowed down cause people aren't inviting. Now it's open u'll see a sharp increase. I've yet to activate an account simply because I hadn't got an invite.

    Have they dumped their stupid 'real names only' policy yet?

      I think it's a great policy. The sites purpose is to allow people to find each other and connect and allowing people to use fake names doesn't assist that.

        @Richard: I completely agree.

    It's not open to everyone, their google apps users still can't use it becaue they still dont support public profiles on google apps accounts

      Yep, just tested and confirmed this. No love for the apps users.

      "100. Anyone can sign up for Google+—no invitation required."

      "Google+ is not yet available for Google Apps."

    Google+ Messenger is over. iMessage, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Viber, Kik Messenger and the upcoming ChatOn by Samsung all potray the same theory, and unless there's one universal one then no one is going to take it up.

    In saying that I really hope ChatOn takes off because I think it has potential. Multiplatform and straight to the point. Just hope Samsung release it in time to stay in the race. Anyone have news on a release date?

    Google+ is definately dying in the arse. I started using it over a month ago on a daily basis, then a couple of weeks later it was down to maybe two times a week checks and when nothing was really happening on there, it's dropped right off to almost nothing and I have a big selection of people in various circles. No one is using it. The same people on Facebook though? Using it everyday.

    From what I've seen, it doesn't even come close to FB's usage and never will. I'll probably deactivate my accout soon as it's pointless.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. Google+ is convoluted and confusing to use after using FB for so long too. I don't think people like the adjustment to how things are done differently and to be quite honest....... it doesn't really do much better than FB anyway, so why switch in the first place?

      For me it is not a facebook killer, it is an E-Mail killer. I use it to share photos, links and info with work colleges and family, and the two circles don't mix. When I used to have to CC five people for feedback on something I would get a mess of replies and reply to alls, now everyone can chat about it in an organised way. And that conversation is PRIVATE, I don't my old school friends or other clients knowing what I am working on now.

    I buried my G+ bookmark a couple of days ago.

    I'm probably going to regret saying this in five year's time when Google + is the biggest thing ever, but my real feeling now is that few of us want or need more than one all-encompassing social networking site in our lives.

    Even if I prefer Google +, if I have something to announce and I want everyone I know to know about it, I have to put it on facebook. So that means I have to post things twice. I don't want to do that. I think most people don't want to do that.

    So unless everyone I know moves from FB to G+, I'm going to have to stick with FB. And most people I know aren't going to move from FB because everyone they know is on FB, and so on.

    So no matter how good G+ gets, everyone's going to stick with FB - simply because everyone's going to stick with FB. It's too much of a hassle to move first and wait for everyone to join you, especially if you don't even know if they will.

    But, hey, I've been wrong before.

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