Gizmodo Adds Australian Weekend Editor!

Gizmodo Adds Australian Weekend Editor!

Some exciting news: Starting today, we’ll have a weekend editor writing fresh stories, actively moderating your comments, and making sure the US posts are properly polished. Gizmodo AU will be humming seven days a week! But that’s not all the news we’ve got to share…

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In other news, I’ve stepped up to the role of Publisher of Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku; and Seamus has left for CNET. You will have noticed that Alex Kidman has been guest editing Giz for the last month or so.

So who’s the new Gizmodo editor? Well, we’re still on the hunt! We’ve had good interest, and I’m casting the net far and wide to chat with a bunch of writers and journalists. Feel free shoot me an email.

So, exciting times at Allure Media and for Gizmodo.

Great to have you along for the ride.