Gimme Music: Possibly The Best Way To Discover New Music

Gimme Music: Possibly The Best Way To Discover New Music

Fact: my music taste is terrible. Fact: I’m also a very lazy person. Combining those two traits together means my music taste stays terrible and will never improve because I never go searching for new stuff! It’s OK though, Gimme Music introduces me to new music without me doing ANY work.

What’s it do?

It’s a “music discovery” music player that’s actually pretty damn amazing because of its simplicity. When you fire up Gimme Music, the app will download a few random songs for you to listen to (I got 10 when I first opened the app). And then you can play those random songs straight from the app. There’s no rhyme or reason to what songs are delivered to your iPhone, it’s just music. I got a few tracks from Das Racist and Cover Girl and Peaking Lights and a bunch of bands, musicians and people I’ve never even heard of. But that’s the exciting thing! If you dig the song, keep it, go learn more about that artist, buy their album or whatever! If you don’t like it, delete it and forget about it, tomorrow will bring a new set of songs for you to listen to.

Why do we like it?

Think of Gimme Music as the anti-Pandora. You’re not staying within the realm of the genre or song or artist you already like but instead breaking boundaries and truly discovering new stuff you’d probably never get a chance to listen to. This is great for musicheads who are always on the search for new music and lazy people who like listening to stuff (me) who don’t mind a retreat from Top 40 every once and again. Unbelievably, the app is also free. It’s not the most elegantly designed music player (there’s music. it plays. it works in the background. you swipe to delete.) but if you like music at all, Gimme Music is the easiest way to open your ears and discover new stuff.

Gimme Music

Download this app for:

The Best

Free, new music

The Worst

Not the prettiest app