Fashion Phones: What's Really Needed?

It's entirely safe to say that I know more about David Bowie's Fashion than I do about fashion in general; that's clearly FabSugar's territory, after all. Reader Jubbin Grewal knows more, and has thoughts about what would make the perfect fashion phone. Grewal's analysis is interesting; he looks at the history of Giorgio Armani phones; we've noted previously that it's a somewhat embarrassing history, to put it kindly. He then goes on to examine what a "Fashion Smartphone" should ideally have.

It's well worth a read; while I agree with him that a good phone should be ideally pretty thin, have good battery life and a good screen, I'm not so sure that the actual underlying OEM for the phone matters that much as long as it's well built; surely the point of a fashion phone isn't just that it looks good but that it's also slathered with as much fashion branding as possible? [TechIn5]

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