Even The Textiles In Soviet Russia Were Obsessed With Industry

These fabrics mostly speak for themselves, but skinny is that these fabrics are Soviet era textiles from the 1920-1930 period of Russia's history. And while awesome, the industrial, work-obsessed imagery on display here is hardly subtle.

The period in which these cloths were made coincide with Stalin's rise to power, and the exile of Leon Trotsky, beginning what was one of the more brutal periods of Soviet history. As for the designwork here, it follows the constructivist style that was popular at the time, emphasising politics, productivity and elements of Russian futurism. And even if the American blood coursing through your veins won't allow you to get past the Cold War, you can at least admit these are some pretty awesome visuals on their own, right? For more, be sure to check out the full gallery over at Retronaut. [via Brainpicker]

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