Dyson's New Fan Is Hot

In essence, the Dyson Hot AM04 is like the now familiar Air Multiplier (especially the AM02 fan) — only with heating elements built in. But behind the scenes, it was three years in the making, and also has cooling capabilities of its own.

The heater's 6x airflow isn't as powerful as the fan's 15x air multiplication, but Dyson claims the Hot will evenly warm a room aster than tradition heaters. Dyson says the heater projects heat up to 2.5m, and has a built-in intelligent self-monitoring thermostat (1-37C).

You can still stick your hand through it — although I've always felt nervous doing that with the air multiplier or indeed those Dyson hand dryers that seem to be taking over the world's public rest rooms — and it comes with a remote control. Dyson says that because the ceramic heating area doesn't go beyond 200C, you won't get that dust burning smell that occurs when other heaters get to around 233C.

Sadly for us Aussies, it's no longer winter, and we won't see it in Australia until at least March next year. Europe and the US retailers will start selling the heater this week, and it'll be priced around $US400. Best start saving now. [Dyson]



    I could of really used one of this when it was winter. Guess I'll have to wait till next year.

    I am buying one of these as soon as it comes to Australia. Boss.

    US$400 for what is effectively a fan heater? Yikes!!!

      but it's shiny and oval shaped... nope... i don't get it either...

        It's Dyson. That's why.

      you could buy 6 fan heaters for that price

        Or 20 dodgy ones that melt when you turn them to their highest setting.

    No mention of running costs? For the price, these things should run on the smell of a barmaids fart! Anything that uses a ceramic element, that isn't run by gas is going to be expensive to run. I think I'll stick with my gas run "Everdure Brigadier" Cheaper to buy ( second hand actually) much cheaper to run! #]

    Ah, looks like Dyson's managed once again to make a product that's something-less but actually has the something.

    'Bagless' vacuum - make the bag hard plastic.

    'Fanless' fan - an 'air multiplier' with little fans inside it (seriously, take a look).

    People go on about Apple making things without substance, but man... this Dyson dude takes the cake.

      To be fair, I did actually buy a Dyson vacuum last year. The whole "bagless" thing isn't of huge concern to me, but I do like the fact Dyson vacuums do have a good powerful motor in them, and don't loose suction power as the disposal barrel fils up. Realiability wise too, I have a lot of family who own Dyson vacs and to date, not one has failed in the first 5+ years of life.

      Having said that, Dyson haven't done much else - I mean the "ball-barrow"? Please, gimmicky!

        Agreed! I bought one nearly ten years ago and it is very convenient to just be able to dump the container in the bin (carefully!). I recently had to spend some money on it for repairs, but that was a hell of a lot cheaper than a new vacuum cleaner!#]

        I've had a $50 LG vacuum cleaner for over 7 years now. Still going (not very) strong. More to the point, it hasn't died on me! I don't think you can claim reliability is a unique trait of Dyson vacuums.

          This is an earlier version. They've made big improvements since then, even easy enough to do it yourself! But I tell you what, I took the heppa filters out and this thing will suck your foreskin off!! Oh crap, did I just say that or was I thinking it? #]

    For that price you could get a 3.4/3.1kw reverse cycle aircon from he-who-must-not-be-named.

    Haterz gonna hate

    Despite the price drop America will see by march 2012, Australia will be slugged $1000 for them like they are a brand new invention or something I'm sure.

    Actually this will be a hilarious as since the US price should have dropped by march 2012, we should be able to import them from the US and make a super-saving instead of the usual saving we make in our quest for a fair price.
    Stick it to the man! (Gerry) Harvey Norman that is.

    I really dug the air multiplier thing when I saw it, and this looks quite nice too. But I'd pay maybe 100 bucks each at most.

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