Dolphin Browser HD: The Best iPad Browser Not Named Safari

Even though Dolphin browser on the iPad is similar to what's already been available on Android and the iPhone, it almost makes more sense on the bigger screen. Also, I think it's my favourite iPad browser right now.

What's it do?

It's a web browser that's been on Android forever and a half ago and was recently released to the iPhone. And it's pretty much the same thing as the phone version -- tabbed browsing, porn mode, full-screen browsing, gestures that can trigger actions and webzines that make websites look prettier (or at least more Flipboard-esque). Even loaded with all those features though, my favorite thing about Dolphin is the sidebar bookmarks -- I just find it a lot more convenient to use.

Why do we like it?

Here's where I explain why I really like the sidebars that hide "beneath" the browser. I usually hold my iPad in portrait mode where I have my two hands on the two bottom corners. When I want to go to one of my favourite pages in Safari, I have to move my hand, run it all the way to the top of the iPad's 9.7 inch screen and hope my fat fingers can tap 'giz' to load Gizmodo. It usually doesn't and I try again. To put it bluntly, it's a freaking pain in the arse. It's not the magic the iPad promised! And though the Dolphin browser ain't Copperfield, it's close. I just side swipe to reveal the side bar favourites, tap the favourite site I want to go to and watch it load. No hand movement necessary. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Also, I like "privacy mode".

Dolphin Browser HD

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The Worst

Gestures are sort of silly



    I had to stop using the stock browser on my Transformer because Flash kept killing it! Fortunately I found Dolphin HD and it is one of the nicest browsers I've seen! Fast, customisable and pretty! #]

    I have this on my ipad, I love it. If I could permakill safari off my ipad, I would now!

    May give it a whirl. Still in love with iCab. But it's more of a vastly (hugely) improved and tricked out Safari - doesn't have things like the sidebar.

    I didn't think Apple allowed apps that duplicate standard ipad/iphone apps? ie. Safari.

      I think the restriction is on non-webkit browsers. Essentially that makes them all the same but for skinning and organisational features. Any "it's way faster" claims are a placebo effect, possibly induced by exessive chrome. But hey, these are rational Apple fans, they don't suffer from delusions like that. /s

    I use Dolphin and the tabs and side bookmarks are really great.

    However, it still refreshes a tab when I go back to it.

    Is there are browser out there that once I've loaded a web page it stays loaded?

    I thought all non safari browsers had a slower JavaScript engine or has that been addressed in a firmware update since?

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