DockBoss+ Lets You Plug Your Android Phone Into iPhone Docks

If you're an Android phone or Windows Phone or any phone but the iPhone totin' kind of guy, you might be jealous of all the stupid awesome docks, speakers, hardware, etc, that are compatible with iPhones. That stupid 30-pin connector isn't even a standard!

Why is it everywhere!? Why don't companies make stuff for the rest of us? Well, it doesn't matter with dockBoss+. dockBoss+ is a cable that connects your non-iPhone to Apple's 30-pin connector. It plugs into your phone's (any phone, not just Androids) audio jack and mini USB port on one end and acts as the female 30-pin connector on the other end. Pretty sweet if you already own iPhone-specific hardware or have your eye on a thumping iPhone speaker or have a 30-pin connector in your car. We live in an iPhone world whether we like it or not. $US30 when it comes out on September 28. [CableJive via Geeky Gadgets]


    "Note: dockBoss+ doesn't provide integration features like device control or playlists. It simply provides power and audio signals."

    Well that's kind of pointless then! The whole idea of using a dock connector instead of a charger and 3.5mm/bluetooth is that the dock can control the iPod as well.

    I don't know if I'll ever need this, but I'm tempted to buy it now before Apple block it for using their dock connector.

    Why would you bother buying an Ipod speaker dock if you didn't have an Ipod or iphone?

    Also most of these docks come with a 3.5mm audio input anyway.

    Well it sounds awesome for someone like myself that has a pioneer in car head unit that features a usb / i-pod dock connection, but not a 3.5mm audio in. Or what about getting one of those bluetooth audio receivers to stream audio into your head unit using your newly aqquired 3.5mm plug????

    surely they could make an app that would provide device control and playlists! I MEAN SURELY!

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