DIY Daft Punk Helmet Will Win Best Costume At Any Party

Not satisfied with his previous work replicating the Daft Punk helmet worn Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Harrison Krix went and made a replica of Thomas Bangalter's helmet from scratch, ending up with a finished product as amazing as the orignal.

The core elements of the Bangalter helmet include a custom-molded helmet, a visor matrix with over 350 LEDs and an Arduino controller and an iOS app that can create new animations on the fly. Krix also made and installed custom aluminium plates, microcontrollers, cooling fans, along with a custom rainbow array for the ear lights. He then gave his life over to wiring each of the LEDs to the main controllers, which may or may not be most tedious thing in existence. The end result is a chrome-covered helmet that took 4 months to build. Surprisingly enough, that's a fraction of the time the last one took (17 months), yet it still looks just as good.

For more on the entire process of making this helmet, check out Krix's site, [Volpin Props] .

Additional images via Bill Doran and Anne Almasy


    All for the love of art! I get the feeling it will give you a headache if you wear it too long though, and there's a DeLorean too! ohh bless! #]

    that is pretty damn impressive.

    That is awesome! I can't believe how full on a process it is.

    I wish I had the time, money & knowledge to build such a thing! Nice touch with the Delorean there too, I might add.

    Bloody AWESOME!!!!!!! Love Daft Punk and love this!!!

    can i just buy one from somewhere...? any links giz?

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