DisplayPad 1.01: Inexpensive Screen Mirroring/Expansion

DisplayPad 1.01: Inexpensive Screen Mirroring/Expansion

Tablets are undeniably great for entertainment, but if you’re using a laptop or desktop, they’re just another screen that you can’t link up — unless you invest in a screen mirroring app. DisplayPad’s my favourite of the iPad apps, if only because of the price.

DisplayPad certainly isn’t a unique app. Probably the best known of which is AirDisplay, but that’s a $10.49 app; DisplayPad undercuts it at a much more wallet-friendly $2.99. There’s also DisplayLink, which is free, but Windows only. DisplayPad has recently been updated to support Mac OS X Lion (except if you’ve got an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M card; the same bug affects AirDisplay too) and is an excellent way to shift one or two apps over to a secondary screen. My twitter feed and iTunes library now more or less permanently lives on my iPad screen this way.


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Low resolution, won’t work on some Macs (yet)