Daily Desired: These Lightweight Headphones Are Walkman-Chic

Simple on-ear heaphones — you know the ones with foam pads that came with your Walkman in 1988 — have been abandoned since the late '90s. They're back with the beautiful Aiaiai Tracks, which are perfect for a long day of jams.

There is a middle ground between heavy full-sized headphones and in-ear/earbud headphones, both of which get uncomfortable after a few hours of use. Designed in Holland, the Aiaiai Tracks have a super minimal build that's lightweight and unobtrusive. As for sound, the 40mm drivers are big enough to deliver convincing bass and a full tonal range, even if they don't do much to isolate your eardrums from outside noise. The headphones come with an iPhone-ready mic, as well as a volume remote that works with the whole iOS family — just in case you plan to take these out of the office and on to the street. If you do take them out, be prepared to catch some looks because the Aiaiai Tracks are pretty. Not bad for 550 Danish Krones, or you know, 100 American smackeroos. [Aiaiai]

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