Daily Desired: The Toughest Backyard Grill In The World

A Weber grill is just a glorified hunk of cheap aluminium. Don't believe me? Heat the grates up to 1000C and watch the thing fall apart. This grill is for people who want to cook for real.

The Engelbrecht 1000 Series Braten Grill is a tank from top to bottom. Other grills look hardcore, but how many have cast iron wheels? One thousand degrees is nothing for the welded, heavy-gauge steel body. The designers paid meticulous attention to every detail down to the stainless steel casters. This thing will survive a bomb blast. Oh yeah, and the grill is a serious cook's dream. That huge steel body? Also great for heat absorption and transfer. Maybe a $US1900 weapons-grade grill isn't for you, but there's a six-week waiting list of people who want one real bad. [Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers]

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