Daily Desired: Exercise Headphones Designed To Stay Put

When it comes to headphones built to stay put when you're exercising there's plenty of products that look hardcore but are just annoying. Polk's new UltraFit3000 headphones might just be the the most thoughtfully designed I've seen.

Like other old school speaker companies Polk has decided to make the jump from wooden boxes to headphones. I like that idea, because Polk's awesome sound shouldn't be confined to home theatres and stereos. Detailed specs aren't yet available, but I'd expect these to sound amazing. What is really going to set these apart for exercise addicts is the attention to function. The over-ear hook is pliable and made of a moldable rubbery material so that they will sit securely on your ear. Polk makes it sound easy.

There's lots of little details from the length of cable extensions to the shock-resistant internal build that are impossible to evaluate until I get the headphones on. I'm psyched to try these if only because exercise is an inconvenience enough without crappy headphones making it worse. If these really fit well, and sound as good as Polk gear is supposed to, I might actually get in shape. That's worth $US100 easily. [Polk Audio]

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